Our final posting. A sad one as we have said goodbye to our friends at Charis, and now we are sitting in the airport in Budapest awaiting our flight back to Luton. The journey here was slightly hair-raising – a woman on a zebra crossing had a near miss and the minibus had a very flat tyre when we stopped at a service station (not sure how long it had been flat for!).

This morning, after breakfast, we had time with the Charis team hearing about the foundation and its vision over the last 21 years, and how God has moved them into new areas of ministry. 2014 sees them entering another time of review and seeking God’s directing for the next 7 years. We then gathered around them and prayed for the work of Charis and for God’s blessing upon them before signing a Memorandum of Understanding that the PCC had approved committing us to an ongoing and deepening relationship with them for the next 5 years. We then shared in communion together – a very special time and good to spend longer with them all.

A few then did some more work around Charis, painting and concreting, whilst Denis, Edith and Mark met with Daniel and Emma to talk about the future and ask some questions about the ongoing work and finances of Charis.

A large lunch, once again cooked by Mona and Lydia, and the minibus arrived to take us to the airport, and in a few hours we will be back home, and we are looking forward to sharing with the church on 10th November about our time.

See you all very soon.