Good Friday

For most people around the globe, and perhaps even for us, Good Friday is just another day like any other. Yet for Christians it should be and is the most significant and important day of the year. Not just any other day, but the day when we remember the pain, the suffering, the separation, the […]

Rahab Ministries

Mark & I consider ourselves fairly broad minded but the last couple of days here in Bangkok have been eye-openers! Last night we were taken out to supper and then wandered back through busy streets with bustling night markets which abutt other roads along which are hugely affluent office blocks and 5star hotels. Into this […]

Thai New Year

Today is the Thai New Year, and they celebrate by throwing lots of water and putting wet flour or talcum powder on each other’s faces, although it ends up in your hair, in your ears and on your clothes! So yesterday afternoon, the younger children at House of Grace were allowed to play outside with […]

Miriam is fine!

A quick e-mail following my posting last night to say that Miriam is fine, the adrenalin worked and whilst she felt a bit shaky for a while, we managed to go out for a meal with Alan and Maelynn. Alan and Maelynn Ellard are a retired English couple who have been out in Thailand as […]


We hear that there is a heat wave in the UK – I hope the English summer isn’t over before we get back!! Here in Thailand it has been overcast and stormy, but is hot and humid, 35 degrees in the daytime and 25 at night, thank goodness we have air conditioning. Thailand is very […]

And so on to Thailand

It’s our last evening in Sydney so I thought I would write a brief blog as I am not sure what internet access we will have in Thailand. We arrive late tomorrow night and stay at the Christian Guest House in Bangkok, before we travel on to Chantaburi in the east of the country (near […]

Sydney and Bishop Frederic Barker

We have been commenting this week on how varied our trip has been: The beauty and yet the poverty of Malawi, visiting prisons, playing with undernourished children, worshipping in mud hut churches…. The mountains, cliffs, forests and amazing scenery of New Zealand, with wide open spaces, wild rugged places, and the opportunity to swim with […]