Day 6

Today we set off once again in glorious sunshine (sorry…) to paint the church at Telechiu – the smaller and poorer of the two gypsy churches. Amelia, the pastor’s wife, took us under her wing and ensured we were watered and toileted happily throughout the day – with a fresh earth closet and a bowl […]

Quinta day 3

Good evening from Quinta on day 3! We (the leaders) are currently sitting outside the older boys dorm trying to keep them in one room in the hope that they’ll eventually go to sleep… some of the young people were out like a light, which is not surprising after an adventure packed day. We’ve been […]

Day 5

Today was a very different day from yesterday. Less emotional but a lot more physical – our task was to paint the inside of the church at Tinca. Sadly Michael and Edith weren’t very well so we left them in the safe hands of Mona and after morning prayer and a gorgeous breakfast, the ten […]

Quinta day 2

Hello again from Quinta, on day two of the youth residential! Today we headed to Chester to the Crocky Trail, which is like Total Wipeout without the trip to Barbados. I’m pleased to report no (major) first aid incidents and some sufficiently muddy clothing, which currently resides screwed up under bunk beds. We have some […]

Romania – Day 4

Wow – what a day! This morning we visited a refuge run by a truly inspirational Christian family for outcasts from Romanian society who have been abandoned by their families and the State.  Some of the people in the refuge have mental health issues, some have had their legs amputated as a result of frostbite, […]


The day started with some very anxious goats as Ben, Wendy, Nicola, Edith and Lynn took on the challenge of milking them. Some of the goats ran for cover, others crossed their legs, but eventually they managed to get half a jug from them for breakfast! Three quarters of it was extracted by young Daniel, […]

day 2….

A fantastic day at two very different gypsy churches! We set off to Tinca after our early (8am) breakfast in glorious sunshine  (25C) in a minibus… our driver was kept entertained by Nicola’s very impressive grasp of Romanian,  though those in the back found the veering of the bus as John tried to broaden her […]

Arrived safely

Meeting at church at 6.30am is not my idea of fun! But 12 of us gathered at St. Stephen’s in the dark, and then drove upto to Luton airport for a 10.45 flight to Budapest. Yes, although we are in Romania, we flew to Hungary and were met by a minibus for a 3 hour […]