Here at St Stephen’s, none of our weekly services, none of our work with children and young people, our outreach, pastoral care to local care homes and a myriad of other ways we serve would have been possible without our incredible volunteers. Our volunteers have made such a difference to the lives of those within our church family and beyond.

And in addition to making a real difference to others, our volunteers often find that being part of a team helps them build long-lasting friendships.

We’re passionate about people feeling like they’re a part of our church family and one of the best places to do that is as part of a team. Whatever your age or experience, there’s a team that you can join, serving alongside others and getting to know others in the church.

There are all sorts of possibilities for volunteering at St Stephen’s and you may find that you learn new skills along the way. You may wish to volunteer regularly or simply on an ad hoc basis. Why not let us know what interests you?

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Don’t see the right thing for you?

If you are interested in talking further about volunteering or would like to find out more, please do get in touch at: or telephone the Church Office on 01732 771977.