Children of the Blind

I thought that you might be interested in one of the ministries that we have encountered here in Malawi. It is one of the things that are part of what Good News Revival Centre offers, a club for the ‘children of the blind’. I have been going along to join them whenever I have been […]


We have been to various prisons during our time in Malawi. It is unusual for people, especially westerners, to be allowed in, but Nedson is an official prison inspector for the government, which seems to open the doors for us to accompany him. Some of the prisons have been open prisons, whilst the one we […]


Yesterday we had a puncture in the car we were in, thankfully we were only travelling slowly at the time. People stop and help you if you are in trouble, but it still took quite a few people to change the tyre for the spare, which was almost threadbare, and on which we then travelled […]

African timing!!

African timing is very different to English. It was planned that i would speak, maybe at two celebrations for new chiefs on Sunday. Having got to the  first, everything was running very late and wasn’t going to start until 1.00pm, so we went to Pastor Nedson’s home church, in the village where he was brought […]

Arrived in Malawi

It’s a while since I last wrote, and at the time we were in Scotland. We arrived in Malawi yesterday and it’s almost as mountainous, very green and beautiful. It was a long journey and we were glad to get here and to get settled in to Pastor Nedson’s home with his family. They are […]