Quinta day 4

Good evening/ early morning from Quinta day 4! It’s amazing how quickly the week flies! Today we celebrated 10 years of October youth residentials with some evening entertainment from each dorm (some made more sense than others!) We also ate birthday cake. Cake is always good. We also blessed the local community with a number […]

Quinta day 3

Good evening from Quinta on day 3! We (the leaders) are currently sitting outside the older boys dorm trying to keep them in one room in the hope that they’ll eventually go to sleep… some of the young people were out like a light, which is not surprising after an adventure packed day. We’ve been […]

Quinta day 2

Hello again from Quinta, on day two of the youth residential! Today we headed to Chester to the Crocky Trail, which is like Total Wipeout without the trip to Barbados. I’m pleased to report no (major) first aid incidents and some sufficiently muddy clothing, which currently resides screwed up under bunk beds. We have some […]