Quinta day 4

Good evening/ early morning from Quinta day 4!

It’s amazing how quickly the week flies! Today we celebrated 10 years of October youth residentials with some evening entertainment from each dorm (some made more sense than others!) We also ate birthday cake. Cake is always good.

We also blessed the local community with a number of social action projects. We cleared overgrown church yards in Chester, painted toilets, washed minibuses and prayed for shopkeepers in Oswestry.

This evening was incredible… Sam from All Saints, Hoole came to speak on making disciples. Almost all (if not all) of the young people responded to his talk to make disciples and invest on those who will take a whole load of love and patience before they come to Jesus. Many received the Holy Spirit for the first time, and God was doing some wonderful things in ministry.

Later on today (because it’s now early on Friday morning (we gave up chasing older boys around 50 acres in their pyjamas) and we’re waiting for them to give up and return) we’ll be heading home and stopping in Oxford for ice skating, plus many stops to refuel on caffeine.

Good night and every blessing!