Tanzania – Friday 16th October

Here is the latest from Sylvie:

We left Mpwapwa just after 8am on Monday morning and drove down to Mikumi National Park. Arriving around 2:30pm we enjoyed a late lunch (burger and chips satisfied our longing for edible meat) before going on a late afternoon safari drive. We were so blessed to see elephants, giraffe, lions and more. The hippo pool entranced us… The more we looked, the more crocs we saw! We dined on the terrace only about 50m from the waterhole, spot lit, so we could see elephant and lion coming to drink.
Up at 5.40am on Tuesday for an early morning game drive before leaving for the drive home, dropping Stephen off at Morogoro to take the bus back up to Mpwapwa. He arrived before us… It’s a busy road into Dar!  Arrived about 5:30pm. After that long day we managed to grab some sleep on the flight back. Liz did a great job picking us up from City airport. That plane was full of smartly dressed business people travelling from Amsterdam…and us looking rather travel worn!
Stephen will be flying back from Dar on 27th October, his birthday, and will be driven down there with a friend from Rochester Diocese. We pray for peaceful elections on 25th and after the result is announced. He is busy sorting out computers, meeting key people and installing water filters. It seems that since he installed one at Queen Esthers School last year no girl has gone down with typhoid since!
Gareth, Mike, Stephen and I made a great team! We had a lot of fun, and can now laugh at some of the challenges we had! We were so encouraged by what we saw of the impact of the programme, with so many villagers starting projects. Being part of the wider picture with the Diocese celebrations was so good too.
Thanks again for all your support, given in so many different ways. Please continue to hold Stephen In your thoughts and prayers.