Tanzania – Sunday 11th October

Here’s the latest from the team:

“We are just about to start the last part of our trip. We really enjoyed the Diocesan celebrations of the partnership between Rochester and Mpwapwa. Wonderful welcome everywhere, with songs written by the choirs and school children especially for the events.
We feel really spoiled – the power has been on for the last two days when we have been at the hotel. So we’ve had hot food and we can charge our gadgets.
We leave shortly for Mikumi game park for 24 hours before we drive down to Dar for our flight home tomorrow evening. Stephen is leaving most of his things here and will return by bus tomorrow to Mpwapwa for a further two weeks. We have given away most of the gifts we bought but have several laptops, a couple of footballs and Stephen has water filters to distribute where he can train people and they will make a difference. The ladies have loved the bras and jewellery, and the children loved the balls and pencils and pens etc.
See you soon.”