Children of the Blind

I thought that you might be interested in one of the ministries that we have encountered here in Malawi. It is one of the things that are part of what Good News Revival Centre offers, a club for the ‘children of the blind’. I have been going along to join them whenever I have been free to since we arrived.

They meet three times a week, starting with a meal together; for some it may be their only meal of the day. They then have a time playing games, a ‘talk’ which ranges from Bible stories to ‘Life skills’ such as personal care or how to conduct themselves when begging with their parents… It is very simple but a real support to these gorgeous children who would otherwise be on the streets begging with their parents, as they do on other evenings when not at the club. It has been such a privilege to sit on the grass (praying that no creepie crawlies crawl up my skirt!) with them and hear their stories; of how they have to care for their parents and younger siblings.

As well as feeding the children (when food is available) the club leader, a remarkable young woman called Memory who works unpaid, encourages the children to attend school. She will visit the parents to support this aim and school uniforms are provided along with books as funds allow. The tailor has been sitting on our veranda all week making new uniforms for the children. Being at the club stirs in me that mix of heartbreak and hope that I have felt on several occasions here; heartbreak at the circumstances of these children but hope as I see their joy when they are allowed to play and be as children and as they grasp the importance of education for their futures.

We have had a busy few days here, visiting prisons, the district Youth office and social worker, the Good News youth Centre where we have helped formulate a document about their work to be used for applying for grants etc, and today we have shared with 38 pastors from different denominations locally, worshipping and praying for each other and Mark doing some teaching on leadership. It was a really good morning.

Love to you all,