Arrived in Malawi

It’s a while since I last wrote, and at the time we were in Scotland. We arrived in Malawi yesterday and it’s almost as mountainous, very green and beautiful. It was a long journey and we were glad to get here and to get settled in to Pastor Nedson’s home with his family. They are very welcoming, but arriving in the dark was not easy as the power was down and has still not come back on, apart from briefly in the middle of the night – we had left our light switched on and so were suddenly woken by brightness!!
After a good night’s sleep, apart from being woken also by drips from the roof on to our heads when it started raining, Nedson today took us to a large gathering of several thousand people at which two men were crowned chiefs of their communities. It was a long ceremony full of speeches, singing and dancing. We didn’t understand much of what was being said, but the formality was led by three government ministers, including the brother of the President – every time he stood, everyone had to stand! But there was also lots of informal exuberant celebration. It was full of colour and was a privilege and delight to be at and watch – we were the only white faces.
Tomorrow is Sunday and Nedson says there is another celebration at church – I think the President’s brother is coming to that, and scarily Nedson has suggested I preach!! I better stop this and find out more, before it goes dark and then I won’t be able to see what I am doing, unless the power returns.
Thinking of you all at St. Stephen’s and will be praying for you all tomorrow as you worship together – although as the power is down and no internet, you may not get this until Monday!