Tanzania – Saturday 10th October

Here’s the latest message from Sylvie:

“Good morning everyone! Awaiting breakfast after a hot shower. And yes, the white towel turned orange as we dried ourselves on it. There is only power here in Mpwapwa for 20% of the time as the grub can’t cope with the expansion of the town, so we were lullabied by the generator outside our window until 1pm or so, at which point a mosquito took over. Hey ho.
It’s great here to have wifi. We were so encouraged by what we saw in the five villages partnered with St Stephen’s. So people are now taking the initiative and starting their own projects such as agriculture, clay pots, tailoring, wells etc. We have experienced village life, even if only for a few days. I have joined the women fetching water, the round trip is an hour, and that needs to be done twice a day. Then there is the food to prepare the house to clean, the animals to be milked, fed etc and on it goes.
Stephen lit a candle in the Cathedral yesterday as chair of the Mpwapwa partnership group which will be taken back to ROchester and taken around the diocese.  It’s lovely to see Jacob and Mwezwa again. Off to the villages of Chitemo and Nyhinilia to celebrate there.
Hope you are all well. Sylvie x”