Charis, Romania; Saturday 29th October

We were without internet access for a couple of days, however, that doesn’t mean we’ve been inactive!

After much digging, shovelling, mixing, bending, stretching and wielding of paintbrushes we seem to have completed the tasks which God and Dani set before us. There are now concrete paths all around the building, two completed porches above external doorways, a pathway of 37 slabs and 21 expertly and beautifully painted 6’x6′ panels….we think Dani is very happy…he was caught singing yesterday! And all finished by lunchtime.

We had a time to relax playing Catan, which Edith won (some achievement as none of us really knew how to play) and ping pong.

In the evening we spent time with Dani and Mona’s home group.  We heard from a couple who are travelling to Papua New Guinea, in January with Wycliffe, to spread God’s word. After our meal, Abi then spent the next hour teaching everyone how to ‘face swap’ using her phone with some very interesting results! They are available on request.

Today we are having a guided tour of Oradea which we are all looking forward to.

Gods blessings to you all

The Charis Team