Quinta day 3

Good evening from Quinta on day 3!

We (the leaders) are currently sitting outside the older boys dorm trying to keep them in one room in the hope that they’ll eventually go to sleep… some of the young people were out like a light, which is not surprising after an adventure packed day. We’ve been quad biking, rock climbing, team building, sniper shooting and having a go at archery, and we returned to Quinta for a Janice and Mary roast dinner for 65, stuffing’n’all.

This evening in Souled:Out we looked at how God, the gardener, prunes us. As a result, when we’re pruned, we will in turn produce good fruit in our lives. Some things in our lives have to be cut off and die, and new potential is born, beyond our wildest dreams. God knows us better than we know ourselves and lovingly cares for us, His branches.

The young people responded by offering things to God that need to be pruned, and then asking him for gifts and fruit that can be used for His glory in their lives.

Tomorrow we’re heading out for social action to bless the local community.

Until then, abide in Him… we’re now negotiating with the older boys…

Matt and the Quinta Team