Who Let the Dads Out? – Is specifically designed for dads & male carers with babies, toddlers & older siblings (typically up to age 6)

What do we offer? – There are loads of toys – both big and small from a bouncy castle, to ride on toys, a roller coaster through to a train set, play dough, craft activities and baby play items.

Where? – We meet in St Stephen’s church. We have a huge open space, cleared of chairs so there’s plenty of space for the children to play!

When? – We meet once a month on a Saturday from 9.45am through to 11.45am. See dates opposite

What does it cost? – Just £2.50 per family. This includes unlimited children’s play, plus breakfast and unlimited tea & coffee for the dads!

Who Let the Dads Out? – Is a national initiative which aims to give dads and their children the opportunity to spend time together and have fun. It is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God’s love to our communities. We believe that by having dads spend time with their children and meeting with other men in a similar situation will ultimately strengthen families and invigorate communities

For more information, please contact St. Stephen’s Church Office on 01732 771977 or email enquiries@ststephens.org.uk

2020 dates:

18th January
8th February
14th March
25th April
16th May
13th June
18th July
19th September
17th October
14th November
12th December