“I love being part of the church.”

“Whilst I love the worship and the different opportunities we have to serve God, what I really love is to see people growing in faith; to hear testimonies of what God is doing; to see lives changed. For me, church is amazing because of you. Thank you for being part of church, and so enhancing my life.

“And because I love church, I often want to spend longer worshipping together, learning together, getting to know you better, and a church weekend gives me (and hopefully you as well) just that opportunity — to spend longer with the church that I love.

“Yes, we’ll have plenty of time for worship and teaching, and I am looking forward to Rob Dillingham coming and sharing with us over the weekend. Rob is committed to helping churches grow in discipleship, and this is at the heart of our vision.

“But we will also have plenty of time to be together, get to know each other better, share food and laughter together – to be church and so grow in the second of our vision streams; “Love one another” as we’re disciples on a journey together.

“So can I encourage you to book into the church weekend and come along and make my joy complete as I enjoy being church with you! And whilst we are there, we will also be helping live out our vision. Not bad for the price!”



When and where is it? Friday 21st February to Sunday 23rd February at The Schools at Sommerhill in Tonbridge (the Saturday evening entertainment and the Sunday morning sessions will be at St Stephen’s). Click on the link above for a full programme.

Who is it for? We’ve invited Rob and Suzanne Dillingham to come and speak to the adults, teams from High Hopes and St Matt’s to lead sessions for our younger children, and we’ll have a team leading youth as well. And on the Saturday afternoon we’ll have use of the school grounds and facilities including playing fields, sports hall, swimming pool, tennis courts and lots more.

Will photos and video be captured at this event? Yes, but we endeavour to respect your privacy at all times. Please note that this media may be put on social media, on our website, in our electronic communication as well as our printed literature. If you would prefer not to be included in this media please let us know by emailing