Welcome to Plugged In…our evening service, with a difference

Why do we call it “Plugged In”?

We live in a society where we have A LOT of choice (e.g. how we watch tv, social media, phones, friends, relationships, education, gender, career, gaming and the rest).

So where does God fit into all this? We explore what it means to be a Christian. Namely that God isn’t just another option in our busy lives. In fact He’s central to everything and He’s the one we need to be plugged into over and above everything else.

Our current teaching series (The Monday Morning God)

Wherever we find ourselves on a Monday morning (or for the rest of the week for that matter) how can we live every day with purpose? Whether we’re at school, college, the workplace, or if we’re unemployed or retired, how do we let God move through the things we do?

Through our new series – The Monday Morning God – we’ll look at how God isn’t ever confined to a Sunday, and He definitely isn’t confined to just the church. We’ll explore questions like, Does my day-to-day work matter to God? Is ambition good? How do I make tough decisions? What does work/life balance look like? How do I deal with failure? What’s the best way to manage stress? Or money? And what is the key to fulfilled living?

We’ll follow the series during our Plugged In evening services. Plugged In is a relaxed and informal service which is accessible to all. Join us at 6pm for food (often cakes and doughnuts) and coffee, followed by time to worship together, plus interview, Bible teaching, discussion, and prayer. The Monday Morning God series will start on Sunday 15th October at 6pm.

Dates for 2023

15th October // The Monday Morning God part 1

12th November // The Monday Morning God part 2

10th December // The Monday Morning God part 3

The Monday Morning God series will continue into 2024
(more dates to follow)

Other services

We also hold regular services on Sunday at 9.30am and at 10.30am.