The Charis Foundation in Romania is among those we support further afield. The aim of Christian Mission is to show God’s love in practical ways, especially amongst the still marginalised communities.

Mission Focus – Charis Foundation, Romania

St Stephen’s and St Eanswythe’s has been committed to supporting the work of The Charis Foundation whose aim is to provide practical support to the marginalised gypsy and homeless communities, demonstrating God’s love and improving their lives. Charis encourages those in the wider area to get involved in charitable activities and meet the social, educational and cultural needs of their communities.

How we support Charis

Our association with Charis began as youth missions in 2002 and 2003. From 2013 and until the Covid pandemic, teams of mixed ages had visited regularly helping with practical and spiritual initiatives. We still hope to visit in 2022.

Our practical support has included building and decorating, both at Charis and in the Gypsy Community Churches; building a play area for visiting groups; landscaping and general gardening. More importantly visits were exchanged between the gypsy communities and an orphanage, and visits to a homeless shelter. Gifts were given, services taken, fellowship shared and friendships formed.

Our financial support is very gratefully received and has been put to wonderful use by the small but dedicated Charis team.

What our support means

Our support has helped the Charis Foundation with a number of their initiatives over the years. Charis outreach has included:

  • Organised Missions – to provide sustainable support to underprivileged communities e.g. gypsies, the poor, orphans, the elderly and disabled.
  • Volunteer engagement – projects encouraging those who are able to reach out to those in need in the community in practical ways.
  • Vocational training – educational courses and theological training for those who wish to serve the community, but do not have the opportunity to study in a Bible School.
  • Transformational work – changing the Charis Centre into a God’s Garden, where disadvantaged people of all ages can enjoy God’s creation (nature, parks, trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals) and the facilities offered. The centre includes accommodation, a multifunctional hall, a kitchen, a children’s playground, sport fields and sport facilities. The produce from God’s Garden forms part of the giving to disadvantaged families.

…so many of these activities have been made possible by your prayers and financial support. Thank you so very much…and God bless you!

Daniel Ciupe, General Manager, Charis Foundation

Latest news

During the pandemic, the team celebrated Charis’ 30th Anniversary and Covid certainly didn’t mean a halt to the hard work. Last year marked the final year of the team’s Open Hands initiative, literally holding hands out to those in need, but particularly helping and supporting gypsy families in poverty with food (often from the Charis farm), clothing and supplies. As you will see from the video, ensuring the facilities were ‘fit for purpose’ for visiting groups has also been a priority as part of the Charis Open Doors Programme. This has included installation of irrigation, planting and harvesting of fruit and vegetables from God’s Garden, together with a myriad of repairs and building projects.