Welcome to our online Prayer Space

It is always good to pray, but between 26th May and 5th June we’re inviting you to deliberately pray more than usual. To help, we’re setting up a Prayer Space at St Stephen’s which will include prayer suggestions and prayer activities for all ages. So whether you’re new to prayer, or you pray all the time, whether you only have time to pray just once, or you’re able to pray every day, we’d love you to pray.

The times and dates when our Prayer Space is open are below. If you can’t make it in at these times (or if you’re visiting our Prayer Space and it is quite busy, so you’ve found a quiet corner of the church instead) we’ve added all of the information here too. There are four ‘boards’, each with a different area we’re inviting you to pray about. There’s no particular order* so if there’s something that really grabs your attention, why not start there.


* if you’ve never really prayed before, we recommend you start our ‘New to prayer?’ board below. After that, feel free to visit whichever board you want, in any order.

Boards in our Prayer Space

Select each board below to visit each area of our Prayer Space…

And before you finish…

Once you’ve finished here we’d be really grateful if you could let us know you’ve visited. If you’re visiting our prayer space in person there is a place near the front of St Stephen’s for you to leave your name/draw something, or if you’re visiting our online prayer space there is a link at the bottom of each board (if you visit multiple boards you don’t need to click on the link on every board you visit, only at the end of your visit). We’re asking you to do this for two reasons…

Firstly, it helps us see how many people have visited our prayer space so we know whether to do something like this again.

But secondly, when we take our prayer space down, our Pastoral Team would love to pray for everyone who has visited, to ask God to bless you. So if that’s okay with you, please do tell us you’ve visited.

When is the Prayer Space open?

The Prayer Space is on the raised area at the front of the church and it will be open on the following dates

  • Thursday 26th May (7.30pm to 9pm)
  • Friday 27th May (10am to midday*)
  • Saturday 28th May (10am to midday*)
  • Sunday 29th May (after our morning service until 12.45pm)
  • Monday 30th May (10am to midday*)
  • Tuesday 31st May (10am to midday* PLUS 7.30pm to 9pm)
  • Wednesday 1st June (10am to midday*)

(* our cafe is open between 10am and midday on these dates, so feel free to plan your visit so you can stop for coffee and cake, or meet up with friends).