Where do I start?

When faced with a crisis like the conflict in Ukraine, it can be hard to know how to pray. But the desire to pray itself is a great place to start. On this board we’ve suggested five areas we can focus our prayers on.

You can pray for just one, or pray for a few. Or stay longer and pray for them all. Or you could aim to pray for a different area each day for the next five days.

Suggestion #1 // Pray for people affected by war.

Pray that people still in Ukraine will be protected from the violence; that there will be provision of essential supplies, such as food and clean water.

Pray for vulnerable people who cannot flee, for example those with disabilities or the elderly.

Pray that refugees will find safe places to stay. Pray that host communities will welcome refugees with compassion, and that there will be support for all in need.

Pray for healing for people who are wounded or have experienced trauma; and comfort for those who are grieving.

Suggestion #2 // Pray for those in leadership

Pray that leaders on both sides will be filled with compassion, wisdom, calm and a desire for peace.

Pray that world leaders will balance responding to the injustice of the invasion with seeking ways to build bridges, de-escalate tensions, and restore global security.

Suggestion #3 // Pray for the global impact

The crisis in Ukraine is already leading to a significant rise in the price of food and fuel. It is likely that this will get worse. Economically poorer countries are disproportionately affected by shocks such as this. Pray that food and fuel prices will stabilise, and that provision will be made for countries in a vulnerable position.

Suggestion #4 // Pray for the church

That the church in the Ukraine, Russia and across the wider region will be a voice for peace; and that they will have the resources they need to help people who are vulnerable.

Pray that the church and other organisations around the world will have the courage and conviction to speak out against aggression and injustice.

That God’s power will be revealed through the church in this situation – bringing a message of love and hope in the midst of the darkness.

Suggestion #5 // Pray for peace

Pray that there will be an immediate end to the violence – that peace will come sooner than anyone could have expected or hoped for.

That diplomatic solutions will be found that will lead to lasting peace in the region.

Pray that people who have fled will be able to return home, and that what has been destroyed will be rebuilt.

For strength for individuals and organisations in Ukraine, Russia and the region who are working for peace at local, national and regional levels.

Suggestion #6 // Prayer Activity…make a bookmark

Using the pens and paper provided, colour in one side of a bookmark blue and yellow; the colours of the Ukrainian flag. On the reverse side, write down the things you want to pray for about the crisis in Ukraine.

When you’ve finished take it away with you and put it in your Bible, another book you’re reading, attach to your fridge, etc. Let it remind you to keep praying for Ukraine.

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