Tanzania – Sunday 4th & Monday 5th October

Here’s the latest update from the team:

“‘All safe and well. Had a wonderful time at the two Compassion projects, met all the children. Gareth and Sylvie are now reunited with their bags so have clean clothes!  Stephen and Sylvie preached yesterday in Matongoro; eight came to faith and many came forward for filling with the Holy Spirit and healing, despite Sylvie wearing crops! Stephen preached at Mkoka, healing took place. Praise God. Spent today in Songambele b, Mlanje and Mkoka hearing stories and seeing pig, chicken, cashew nuts and maize projects. Lots of celebration, choirs and dancing at each parish. Gareth and Mike taught science to online secondary school. No power most evenings. Leave tomorrow for two nights in the villages and working alongside villagers.”