With so many of our regular volunteers away over the summer, we’d love your help with various areas of the church over the coming weeks.

Tech at our 10.30am service
Our livestream has been a great way for those who are unable to come to church (often due to serious health concerns) to stay connected, and it has also enabled us to grow with several families starting attending regularly after having tried us out online first. But with various volunteers going away, it is possible that there may be some Sundays where we cannot livestream over the summer. We can show you what you need to do, but you would need to be fairly competent operating a computer.

Serving tea and coffee at our 10.30am service
Since coming out of lockdowns we’ve loved being able to share a coffee together again after our services. You’d need to arrive at 9.45am to set up, and be able to stay up to an hour after the service to serve and tidy up afterwards. An industrial dishwasher makes light work of washing up!

Serving at the Community Larder on Saturday mornings
We are very short of help at the Larder on 23rd July, 20th August and 24th September. You would need to be at church from around 9.30am until 12.15pm and this will involve helping to set up, serving customers or providing refreshments.

Collecting from local supermarkets (on Fridays) for the Community Larder
We have more families coming to our Community Larder and are increasingly reliant on the donations from local supermarkets. Because of new stores and changes in volunteer availability we really need some additional help collecting. Are you able to collect food for the Feast Fresh Community Larder on a Friday afternoon or evening once every three weeks or six weeks (the evening collections are usually around 6.30pm or 8.30pm)? Once collected the food would need to be delivered to the church either on Friday or by 10am on the Saturday.

Steam cleaning our fabric chairs at St Stephen’s and in the Community Centre
We’d love some help cleaning our red chairs at St Stephen’s, and our blue chairs in the Community Centre. This can be done during the week and at different times. We have all the equipment/supplies you’d need.

If you can help with any of the above (either over the summer or from September onwards) please click on the button below, fill in your details and tick any that apply.