Romania 2014 – Day 10 – Church & then home!

Evening all! We hope you have had a peaceful and relaxing Sunday! Today has been our last day here in Romania at Charis 🙁

We started the morning by having a whole extra hour in bed!! Once we had woken up we joined together as usual in worship and prayer led this morning by Glynis who read a passage from Colossians. After our morning devotions we headed down to breakfast where we enjoyed some very large croissants and the left over frankfurters from yesterday’s party.

We headed in to Oradea after breakfast to visit Daniel’s church where we met Ema’s new beau of whom myself (Charis), Abi and Libby strongly approve of (not only is he a firefighter but also a hairdresser; a man of many talents it seems!) The church itself had a modern feel that lots of us enjoyed and despite the songs being Romanian, we were able to recognise and sing along, in English, to some of them. It was a great service and even though the preacher did not speak our language we were able to see how passionate he was about God and were generally able to follow the gist of what he was saying. You can watch the recording of the service here:

Live   Hope Baptist Church Oradea   BBSO - WIDE Live   Hope Baptist Church Oradea   BBSO

Once back at Charis, we sat down for our final meal together. Mona had made us roast chicken thighs, carrot salad and quinoa, and as always it was delicious!

However, once we had finished eating, it was time to start packing, which took some of us an extraordinary amount of time (Abi Hams). After some final goodbyes to everyone at Charis, we got on the coaches at four o’clock Romanian time, in order to start the gruelling trip back to the airport.

We finally arrived at the airport after four hours driving, only narrowly avoiding crashing numerous times due to the drivers enthusiasm for driving on the wrong side of the road. Nevertheless we all arrived in good health, including young Daniel, and we were soon checked in and through security.

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We are writing this now over KFC whilst we wait for our flight. We pray for a safe trip home and hope to see everyone soon!

England here we come!
Lots of love Charis and the rest of the youth xoxo