Day 5 – Romania 2014 – All work and play

Good evening! What a day it has been here in Romania.

We started our day in the normal fashion, dedicating the day to God and praying for all we were to do and for all that is already happening in Romania. Tomorrow we will be joining with the rest of the church by praying for the Middle East.

We continued working this morning on the children’s play area that we are building at Charis. We painted the wooden paneling that was erected yesterday, cut out some animal shapes (depicting Noah’s ark), painting animal shapes, concreting the sand pit and clearing the area in preparation for the child safe surface to be laid. A further group helped Mona in the kitchen to prepare veg for our evening meal, they came across some interestingly shaped carrots (I like carrots!)

image image image

Once the mornings work was over, we had our lunch and headed over to an orphanage on the outskirts of Oradea. What a blessing it was to be able to spend three hours with such an amazing group of young children and teenagers!

When we arrived we were immediately greeted with smiling faces and happy children, eager to play and share their afternoon with us. We started by playing a couple of parachute games followed by rață rață gâscă (duck duck goose) and cat and mouse. Whilst doing this, a couple of children sat down to partake in some colouring, sticking and loom band making. We then moved on to play football before gathering all the children together to hand out a named goody bag for each child.

image image

The children were so excited that they couldn’t wait to start playing with their new toys and eating their food!!


We continued to play with the orphans until it was sadly time to leave. Libby was very tempted to take one of the children home but unfortunately was rumbled just before we left and had to give the child back.

We had a interesting journey back from the orphanage. We’ve been through a number of minibus drivers so far this week (pretty much a new one per day), but today’s was nothing on the rest. The journey home resulted in a number of near misses with animals, people and cars until… With only a few miles to go, he was caught speeding and pulled over by the police! At first (the few of us on bus number 2) thought that they had finally tracked Matt down and were going to take him away! This was not the case.. After a quick discussion with the policeman, the driver was back on his way and we made it back with no further mishaps.


This evening we had spag bol for dinner followed by Birthday cake, in celebration of Tom’s birthday today. Many thanks to Mona again for such an amazing meal and for making the delightful cake for this special day!

See ya laters taters,
Nighty night,
God bless!