Day 4 – Romania 2014 – The real work starts!!

Good evening!

As usual this morning we met as a group to pray for the day ahead. Mel shared with us a passage from Psalm 90 and briefly spoke on how hard work is a blessing which was great preparation for the day ahead of us and for the return home to our workplaces and schools.

Soon after this, we moved onto a breakfast of waffles with jam/ham and tomatoes.

And so the day began….

Once upon a time there was a sad patch of land that needed some sand
(and some other stuff!)
So a team of people from Kent decided time would be best spent…

Daniel spilt us up into 6 different teams to start work on the new children’s play area that we had come to build. We tackled a number of jobs within our teams such as, paintings fences, painting the new park equipment, preparing the land for a new child friendly surface, concreting the perimeter of the sandpit and panelling the side of the old pig styes. A further team prepared lunch and refreshments throughout the day with Mona. We worked hard, especially with Young Daniel standing over us with a scythe looking like the grim reaper.


We had a few comedy moments in the morning, mainly with the girls managing to paint more of themselves than the fences only to discover that the paint does not wash of as easily as they had hoped.


For lunch we had the most amazing kebab-like pitta, meat and salad combo. (Mona has done such an amazing job catering for us all and keeping us all happy.) After lunch we then had time to relax and revive ourselves in preparation for the evening’s work. Some of us chose to sleep while others engaged in a rather strange game of beach volleyball.



After our break we returned to work and finally finished off the day by Wendy soaking each person’s head in a barrel of refreshing cold water despite putting everyone In danger by carelessly disregarding the live power cables running alongside the barrel. All part of the experience!

By the end of the day we all felt like we had a achieved a lot and Mona (who had not seen the land since the morning) was very impressed with our progress.

A welcome dinner of delicious vegetable soup, chicken and gravy and then la piece de resistance waffles and chocolate sauce with whipped cream. Matt R liked this so much he tried to break a world record by eating Romania’s entire yearly quota.


We ended the day by meeting together to worship, pray and reflect on the day. A group also helped to prepare goody bags for each of the children at the orphanage we will be visiting tomorrow afternoon.

Looks like a storm is brewing, time for bed!

Nighty night!

Jono & Mel