Romania – Day 1 – Travel

Greetings from Romania. It’s HOT!!

This morning a group of 23 left Tonbridge at 11am (a tad later than last years group!) with the help of an amazing bunch of drivers (thank you) in order to catch our plane from London Gatwick at 1.55pm.

We safely arrived in Hungary at 5.30 local time (GMT +1) to catch our two minibuses that took us all the way to Charis. Both Wendy and Dave seemed very alarmed at the fact they had the same driver as last year (I now fully understand). Nevertheless we made it safely (just about) arriving at 10.00pm local time (GMT +2). The Charis team very kindly stayed up for us in order to feed us all even though it was quite late for them.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the bears caves which we’re all very much looking forward too!

We’ll update you again tomorrow, but until then,
God bless and good night.

Jono & the team

Romania 2014 - Arrivals