Charis, Romania; Sunday 23rd October

We all arrived yesterday safe and sound and settled in with Mona and Dani looking after us very well, as usual. Good food!

Today we visited a gypsy community in a town called Batar joining them for their morning service (it was good but very loud!). Afterwards we were joined by the children of the community and Abi told them the story of Noah and we sung them “Mister Noah Built an Ark” with actions. Mike and Edith did a great job showing the children the actions to the song and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves (so did the children). We then quizzed them on the story with sweets as prizes which went down very well. Lastly we shared a lunch with the children and some of the younger ones showed us around the village. They were very welcoming and cheerful.

Tomorrow we are beginning our work at Charis making some paths and painting. The men, and Abi, are fighting over who gets to use the concrete mixer. We will let you know who wins.

That is it for now, God Bless to you all from Romania