Arrived safely

Meeting at church at 6.30am is not my idea of fun! But 12 of us gathered at St. Stephen’s in the dark, and then drove upto to Luton airport for a 10.45 flight to Budapest. Yes, although we are in Romania, we flew to Hungary and were met by a minibus for a 3 hour drive to Charis, which is just across the border, and arrived safely at about 7.00pm.

Dinner and a time of chatting about tomorrow and the coming week, together with worship and prayer, and it is time for bed. Thankfully the clocks go back an hour here as well, so an extra hour in bed before breakfast at 8.00am, and then off to Tinca to worship in a gypsy church starting at 10.30am, and we are at another in Telechiu at 5.00pm.

Do pray for:

  • Wendy and Ben as they give testimonies,
  • as we sing some of our worship songs.
  • me preaching from John 4
  • Emma, Daniel and Mona’s daughter, translating

We are now settling into our rooms, which are all very close and, one could say, cosy, and the facilities are quite public!!! We will get to know each other well!!!

Hope you all have a great day at St. Stephen’s tomorrow – every blessing.