Under normal circumstances, we regularly pray for people at our services, and St Stephen’s is often open during the week for anyone to drop in to pray, or to be prayed for. However, as all our buildings are currently closed, and our services have moved online, we have instead set up this virtual prayer wall.

If you would like to pray, or like us to pray for you or someone you know, please submit your prayer request below.

(please note, when you press submit they won’t appear on the wall immediately, as they will first go to one of our prayer team).

  • Sick Friend: Marilize

    Marilize is currently suffering from COVID-19. She has two young boys. Her husband is taking as best care of her and the boys as possible, but could we please pray for her and the family at this time while she is struggling.

    1. This is Marilize\'s message received today. Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for His blessings! \"Thank you Lord that I\'m healthy again, thank for the sun, thank You that I have a garden, Thank you for food and a Braai (BBQ) God I\'m so grateful ❤❤❤\"

  • For safety

    Please pray for those across the world who have nowhere to safely shelter and no means to buy food, soap etc.

  • Care Homes - Tonbridge House and Barnes Lodge

    Please pray for the staff - and for all the residents isolated in their rooms.

  • prayer for families

    Dear God, I pray for all the families who are struggling with school work online and for the children who are missing their friends. We pray that families would find time to have fun together, to relax, and that you would help them and bring them comfort. Amen

  • Please pray for Gary who has the virus

    Hi there, Gary (the closest thing I have to a brother) appears to have caught the virus and has weak lungs, with other health complications. He's struggling with breathing, fevers & headaches. Please pray for him & his recovery, and his wife!

    1. Update! As his wife (a nurse) described it, Gary was coughing himself to death and was rushed to hospital by ambulance where he received immediate treatment. He recovered quickly and with some strong medication ended up WALKING home two days later! He said that knowing lots of people were praying was amazing, and he felt an extraordinary sense of peace through it all. He thought that had he not felt that unexpected peace, he probably would have panicked himself to death... THANK YOU for praying!

  • Pray for those who are feeling lonely

    So many people live by themselves and so in this time of isolation may well be feeling very lonely. Pray that they will feel loved and connected to others.

  • Niece and family

    The next door neighbour to my niece died a few days ago from Covid-19, and Lucy and her children had been with them only a few days before. She is therefore anxious for her family, but also as she cannot see the wife in this time of loss.

    1. Lucy contracted Covid-19 and has been ill for nearly 3 weeks now. Her recovery is very slow, and she is not doing well. Thankfully her husband Steve is furloughed so is able to be at home to look after their 4 small children