Under normal circumstances, we regularly pray for people at our services, and St Stephen’s is often open during the week for anyone to drop in to pray, or to be prayed for. However, as all our buildings are currently closed, and our services have moved online, we have instead set up this virtual prayer wall.

If you would like to pray, or like us to pray for you or someone you know, please submit your prayer request below.

(please note, when you press submit they won’t appear on the wall immediately, as they will first go to one of our prayer team).

  • Hilary

    Please pray for Hilary who has just heard that her cancer has returned and that further chemotherapy will not be beneficial. The prognosis is that it will be months rather than years. Please also pray for her husband John.

  • prayer for family

    Please pray for Ollie, far from home, furloughed from his job without much hope of returning to work. Difficult for him to return home due to lock down procedures where he lives but all avenues of applying for work blocked. Please Jesus be his refuge, his strength and his hope

  • Prayer for a family

    A friend of mine died recently, following an accident at home, leaving her husband who has M.S
    The rest of the family who couldn't be with her while she was in hospital too

  • Brother with Covid symptoms

    Please pray for my brother Bob, who has “partial Covid 19 symptoms”. He is a Christian, and says he is not unduly worried. He considers it a “privilege to identify with those who are suffering badly”.

  • Joe, with persistent bad back.

    Please pray for Joe, a self employed man with a young family who has a physical job but keeps having to stop work due to a recurring bad back. He has had an operation which was not very successful, and some healing would be wonderful!

  • Friend with cancer

    Please pray for Jane suffering with recently diagnosed cancer, for peace, strength and healing .

  • Ian

    Please pray for Ian who has a spinal tumour with secondaries in his brain and ribs. Please pray for peace and no pain.

  • Covid- 19

    Prayers for family and friends of Derek Barr who Died today at home.
    He was a postal worker at Strood lived in Tonbrigde

  • Fish and Chip supper

    One of our church members in Merryfield court has managed to organise a fish and chip supper for all the residents to eat in their own flats - it has had everyone in touch with each other and a great excuse to phone round. Please pray for them

  • Dawn

    Dawn has pain under her right heel. She also has arthritis. This is stopping her from getting out for a walk. Thank you

    1. Pain is subsiding and she can walk a bit further each day - please pray for a bit longer

  • Jane

    Is in a Care Home and so anxious about the virus that she is not coping. Please pray for her and those who care for her

  • Praise God

    First praise God, and a big thank to all who have been praying for me. bing stuck indoors since Friday, not being able to walk was a problem, because I have Osteoporosis it is important that I walk. The reason for praise is that my doctor has said, although I can't go to shops etc, I can go for a walk as long as I have distance between me and others. I live near the castle and the sportsground so this is an added blessing. Thank you God

  • Prayer for cancer diagnosis and treatment

    Please pray for Huw
    This lovely man has had a recent terrible diagnosis and is starting treatment
    A long journey ahead

  • Loss of Granddaughter

    A friend of my colleague lost her 2 year old granddaughter in a drowning in the Seychelles. Please pray for the family and friends.

  • Familes who have lost loved ones

    At least two families known to st stephens have recently lost parents/grandparents, leaving one older relative more isolated, and the families unable to hold a full funeral. Please pray for comfort and strength for the families at this time. Pray for the spouses left behind.

  • Pray for my friend

    I pray for my friend Raffaella who is exhausted after assisting her husband and her sister in their illness. May God help her to find hope again, through our prayer and love.

    1. I pray again for my friend, everyone is healthy now but she suffers from anxiety after two months of intense stress. I pray that everyone in her family may help each other showing love and smiling, to dissipate the fear they suffered.

  • Prayer for Barnes Lodge

    Mum is a resident in Barnes Lodge. I had a 'phone call today to say they have their first confirmed case of C19. Currently on a 12 week lockdown residents are now isolated to their
    rooms. Staff are working under such unprecedented pressures - would value prayer for residents and staff. I have emailed our MP to liaise with the home and ensure protective equipment arrives in a timely manner, especially with this new update. Thank you. Best Wishes and stay safe.

  • health

    Today (10/4) I have received a letter from NHS telling me that I mut stay indoors for the next 12 weeks from today. I am reeling from shock, my health has been stable for the last 9 years but I do have an underlying lung problem. upto now I have been getting my own shopping and taking a walk once a day. to have to stay in (I live in a flat) is causing me a little anxiety. Please pray for peace. I normally live alone so most of it will be ok but I normally also go out and see people and at present speak to someone albeit from a distance. not being able to do this will be very hard.

  • For peace

    Please pray for our neighbour John who has complex health conditions and is far from well at present and for Sue his wife for rest.

    1. Sadly John passed away last Saturday (18th April) please pray for Sue his wife and his sons

  • Prayer request for my cousin

    Please pray for our cousin Gemma, currently very ill in hospital with Covid 19 and a very bad chest infection. She is in a very high at risk group due to having brittle asthma which in itself has admitted her to hospital many times over the year. Please pray for Gods strength and healing for her, a release from any fear, and for God to use the nurses and doctors as his ministering angels of comfort in her time of great need. Through God who can do all things, AMEN

  • For friends

    Alison went to TW Hospital today for a Covid 19 re-test. She had one last week which was negative, but has symptoms which her Dr thinks are the virus. Husband Peter has been home from work for 10 days because of this.

  • Grandad

    My Grandad's back; he can't do much as he is in a lot of pain all the time.

  • for prayer warriors everywhere

    Lord, we ask for your blessing, wisdom and encouragement for all those at St Stephen's (and all over the nation) who are supporting neighbours, relatives and friends in prayer, through online streaming of services, or through practical help. Thank you for their willingness to serve. Give them strength to remain positive, keep them well, and pour out your Spirit on them as they seek to serve others who are struggling. Let them know your love for them as they continue to offer help, often even when they are weary themselves. In your precious name, Amen.

  • Grandparents and grandchildren

    All the grandparents are missing being able to spend time with their grandchildren, and vice versa. Please pray for all in this situation that relationships are maintained.

  • Financial worries

    Please pray for all those who are worried about how they are going to manage financially, particularly in the gap between losing their income and government help becoming available.