Harvest Service at St Stephen’s

Our Harvest Service this year takes place on Sunday 10th October.

Our Harvest Service is usually a time when invite everyone to bring and donate something (often non-perishable food or money). But why do we hold a harvest celebration? Isn’t it just for people in rural communities?

Firstly, it’s about saying thank you…

Simply put, harvest is a time when we look back at everything that God has given us, and we thank Him. Perhaps God has literally given you a fruitful harvest (in the garden or on the allotment). Or perhaps for you God has given you something less harvest-related (but no less significant) such as a job, or food to eat, or family, or friends. Whatever it is God has given you, harvest is a time to pause, to reflect, and to say thank you. And one of the greatest ways we can do that is to bless others.

Secondly, it’s a time to remember those in need…

In Galatians, the Apostle Paul reminds us to “remember the poor” (Galatians 2:10). This seems to have been widely adopted in the early church; for example, the book of Acts says the church “gave to anyone who had need” (Acts 2:45), and later, in response to a famine, the disciples gave to help those who were worst affected (Acts 11:27–30). So as we reflect on all that we have received, harvest is also a time when we too should “remember the poor”.


Financial gifts

This year any financial gifts will go to charities supporting those in need in Afghanistan. To give to this great cause please visit our Giving page and scroll down to select ‘2021 Harvest Appeal’.

Gifts of food for our Community Larder

We also welcome other gifts and donations at harvest. This year we’d love to receive items for our Community Larder which is open every Saturday morning. Items needed most are:

  • Tinned meals (e.g. minced beef, stew, curry…)
  • Tinned meat (ham, spam, corned beef…)
  • Tinned tuna
  • Tinned pies
  • Tinned vegetables – potatoes are very popular, carrots, peas, mixed veg
  • Tinned fruit – pineapple is very popular, peaches, pears…..
  • Tinned custard, rice pudding
  • Jelly cubes, packs of Angel Delight
  • Baked beans
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pasta (small packets)
  • Tea, coffee, sugar
  • UHT milk
  • Super noodles, microwave packs of rice
  • Jam, marmite, chocolate spread
  • Small bottles of cooking oil

Please check sell by dates and just to let you know that we cannot give out tins that are too battered.

What we would rather not have:

  • Tinned pulses
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Nappies
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet roll

Thank you so much!