Members of the Eco Church Group invite you to choose one or more of their Eco Christmas Ideas towards a more sustainable Christmas…

Ideas for an eco Christmas

Shop Local for produce and gifts to support local businesses and save on petrol reducing carbon emissions! We even have our own zero waste shop in Tonbridge, behind the station ( Suggested by Mel & Hilary.

Buy a living gift such as adopting an endangered animal, buying a tree from the Woodland Trust or a charity gift or support a project ( and Suggested by Jean & Hilary.

How about a Family Secret Santa? Each person buys just one gift for someone else up to an agreed amount to save you money and reducing the waste of valuable resources when everyone buys a present for each other. There are websites to help organise this. Suggested by Mel.

Purchase wrapping paper which can be recycled, including the outer protective wrapping. You can also use brown paper (which you can decorate) or even newspaper or magazines. Avoid sticky tape if you can, and instead use natural string or ribbons which can be reused. Store bags can also be decorated and upcycled to make gift bags. Suggested by Mel & Isabelle.

Buy Christmas cards which are fully recyclable (for example from the RSPB) and avoid glitter unless labelled as Eco friendly ( Suggested by Hilary.

Alternatively send an e-card. There are subscriptions available to send e-cards all year, including Christmas cards. Suggested by Jean.

Recycle your Christmas decorations from previous years where possible. Create your own decorations from natural products such as pinecones or make a garland by threading popcorn. Suggested by Liz.

Buy Eco friendly Christmas Crackers or make your own. For small gifts search local fairs for small handmade decorations or make them yourself. Alternatively use wrapped chocolates/sweets. Suggested by Liz.

Recycle your real Christmas Tree after Christmas, either using the free council collection service or some charities will collect for a donation. Suggested by Steve.

Happy Green Christmas, from the St Stephen’s Eco Church Group

For more information about our Eco Group please take a look at our Eco page.