Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are a brilliant way to connect with other people, and to connect with God. We have a wide range of groups meeting during the week throughout Tonbridge and the surrounding area, exploring what it means to be passionate to know God and to make God known.

Groups are led by our fab Connect Group leaders. Each group is different, but they’ll often involve studying the Bible, worshipping and praying together, and having lots of fun!

How to find a group?

We’re aiming to set up a group directory to speed up the process of finding a group. In the meantime, talk to Craig or Jess (who oversee all our Connect Groups). Let them know what days and times you’re available, what sort of thing you’re looking for (such as Bible study, based in North Tonbridge, etc) and ask them to match you up!

Go along and try it out

After Craig or Jess make some introductions, arrange to go along and give it a try. It doesn’t mean you’re committed, so it is fine with us for you to try a group for a few weeks to find out if it’s the right fit for you. We just want to help you find a group where you can connect.

Speak to Craig and Jess after one of our services, or email them at or