Our pay-as-you-can café

As part of our Living Well community hub* we run a community café during the week within the beautiful setting of St Stephen’s. You’re really welcome to come along with friends or by yourself for tea, coffee and some delicious cake and treats, and pay whatever you can.

* Living Well aims to help and support people in our community. For more information, please take a look at our Living Well Tonbridge page.

Opening times

Over the summer we are open on the following days (please note, these days may change in September 2022):

Tuesdays (10am to midday)

Fridays (10am to midday)

Saturdays (10am to midday)*

* On Saturdays we also run our Feast Fresh Community Larder alongside our café. Here, families and individuals on low incomes are able to access fresh produce and groceries to take home. To find out more and to book to come to the larder, please visit the FEAST Fresh website.


When you arrive, simply order whatever you want to eat or drink. Then use one of our card payment machines (or we have a box for cash) to pay whatever you can. Not sure how much to pay? Here are three suggestions:

1. Pay whatever you’re able.

Everything you pay helps us to help others. So if you can pay something, we’d really appreciate it.

2. Pay a typical price.

You could pay whatever you’d normally pay for a coffee out (or whatever you think is appropriate).

3. Pay it forward.

Or you could pay for your drink/cake, plus a little extra so someone else can enjoy something here too.

Or you could volunteer with us

Instead of paying (or in addition to paying!) how about volunteering with us? None of the work we do would take place without the support of our dedicated team of volunteers. Volunteering is good fun, and a great way of making friends, learning new skills and increasing confidence. Full training is given, so if you feel you might like to volunteer for one of our community projects, please contact the St Stephen’s Church office via the contact details below.