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Walking Group


A generaltion of walking – Nine o'clock, Saturday morning, and a group of people of mixed ages are gathering outside St Stephen's Church. More roll up until it's time to take to the cars to reach the starting point for the day's walk.

It could be a leisurely ten miles in Kent or Sussex, one of the regular monthly outings, or the start of a few days further afield in the British Isles, or even the annual week's holiday. Occasionally there's a special challenge such as the Scottish mountains.

So how did it all begin? Over thirty years ago, eight people from St Stephen's went on a sponsored walk along the South Doowns Way in aid of a United Nations' child relief agency - Christian Outreach (now CORD). One of the eight - Rowland Wills - then went out as a volunteer for the organisation to the Philippines. The walking idea continued and the St Stephen's Walking Group was born. Rowland and Ann Wills have led it ever since.

The activity is open to anyone. You will encounter people from St Stephen's past and present, people from other churches, or people from no church at all. And people of all ages, single and married. The group's primary aims are fellowship and outreach while enjoying God's creation. There's plenty of time to chat en route, and you will probably be fitter for your efforts as well. Some of the more demanding walks (climbs!) can be charcter-building, but everyone will have some sense of achievement from completing their walk, whatever the distance. Long-term friendships have been formed and at least three new walking groups (in Southborough, South London and Wales) have derived from it.

Walks are advertised on this page and also in News and Notes. For our full programme click here.



6th Jan (St Stephen's)

24th Feb (Tonbridge Castle)

24th Mar (Mark Cross)

7th Apr (Hartley)

28th Apr (Unlock London)

12th May (Munros)

26th May (Robertsbridge)

9th Jun (walking holiday)

21st Jul (Brightling)

6th Aug (Tudor Way)

15th Sep (Halling Station

6th Oct (wadhurst)

3rd Nov (Shipbourne)

1st Dec (walkers' lunch)