St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
Powered by the presence of God, shaped for the purposes of God


We run the MIX on alternate Saturdays for school years 6-10 in the St Stephen's Church Community Centre on Waterloo Rd, Tonbridge. This is designed to provide a fun place for the young people of Tonbridge and its surrounding villages to come and chill out on a Saturday evening. We have the Blend cafe open as well as all of the latest games consoles out, the live lounge where you can hear live music or watch a film and the arena which is a place for games and sport. The Mix is a membership group and therefore we require anyone who intends to join the Mix to register as a member after 1 free visit. The Mix is from 7-8.30pm on alternate Saturdays and costs £1 on entry.


We have pool tables, table tennis, table football, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 2 and one, Wii, Guitar Hero, football, uni hockey, basket ball and much more!


The Mix requires each young person to become a member if the wish to attend regularly. Each member will have to fill in a registration form and agree to our rules (View them here) once this process has been done, each member will be issued with a Mix membership card which consists of their name, date of birth, profile image and a unique bar code. 

Term Dates 

15th Sept  29th Sept  13th Oct  3rd Nov  17th Nov   1st Dec  15th Dec 


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